How Tall is Magdalena Roze?

Magdalena Roze Height is 5ft 7.75in (1.72m)

Magdalena is an Austrian-born Australian weather girl, has presented for Network TEN and The Weather Channel.
"just under 5' 8"" [Twitter]

How Tall is Mike O'Hearn?

Mike O'Hearn's Height is 6ft 2.5in (1.89m)

Mike is an American natural Bodybuilder who weighs over 250 lbs and appeared on Barbarian and American Gladiators.
"I stayed lifetime drug-free because that was my choice... But understand I never want to look drug-free. I'm 6'3 262lbs cut & strong as Zeus" [Twitter]

How Tall is Jillisa Lynn?

Jillisa Lynn's Height is 5ft 6.75in (1.69m)

Jillisa is an American model, actress and singer who has appeared in films like Laid in America, Blood Shed and AWOL-72.
"5'6 and three quarters" [Twitter]