How Tall is Sarah Bowmar?

Sarah Bowmar's Height is 5ft 2.5in (159cm) 

Sarah is an American fitness personality.

"Down to 135lbs (I am 5'3 for those wondering and probably 16ish % BF)"

How Tall is Allegra Shaw?

Allegra Shaw's Height is 5ft 6in (1.68m)

Allegra is a Canadian Youtuber and blogger.

"I'm 5'6" and 118lbs and even I find airplane seats ridiculously small and uncomfortable" [Twitter]

How Tall is Willne?

Willne's Height is 6ft 1in (185cm)

Willne is an English Youtuber.

"I'm 6'1" (and a half, need that half)" [Twitter]

How Tall is Jack Monroe?

Jack Monroe's Height is 5ft 1.7in (1.57m)

Jack is an English Author and activist.

"Have had quite a shock this morning. Having spent the last ten years or so genuinely believing I'm 5' 3" (5' 4" on a confident day) I measured myself against a pencil mark on the door frame and discovered I'm 5' 1.7". IN SLIPPER SOCKS. I need a cup of tea."

How Tall is Karissa Pukas?

Karissa Pukas' Height is 5ft 6in (1.68m)

Karissa is a Canadian makeup and style Youtube Guru.

"Well, I’m 5’6 and still missing the long torso" [Twitter]