Is Dwayne Johnson's Height really 6ft 5?

The Rock is a tall guy, but just how tall? Rob and Jenny from CelebHeights get to the bottom of just what height The Rock really is.

Michael Jordan's Real Height

Michael is a basketball legend who claimed 6ft 6, but was he ever that tall barefoot?

How Tall is Chris Hemsworth really?

Chris Hemsworth is a Tall Australian actor, well over 6 feet.

How Tall is Maria Bakalova from Borat 2?

Maria Bakalova's Height is 5ft 4.5in (1.64m)

Maria is a Bulgarian actress, best known for starring in Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm.

How Tall is Rich Roll?

Rich Roll's Height is 5ft 11in (180cm)

Rich is an American athlete and author and Internet Personality. On twitter in 2012 he said he was "5'11".