How Tall is Sarah Bowmar?

Sarah Bowmar's Height is 5ft 2.5in (159cm) 

Sarah is an American fitness personality.

"Down to 135lbs (I am 5'3 for those wondering and probably 16ish % BF)"

How Tall is Allegra Shaw?

Allegra Shaw's Height is 5ft 6in (1.68m)

Allegra is a Canadian Youtuber and blogger.

"I'm 5'6" and 118lbs and even I find airplane seats ridiculously small and uncomfortable" [Twitter]

How Tall is Willne?

Willne's Height is 6ft 1in (185cm)

Willne is an English Youtuber.

"I'm 6'1" (and a half, need that half)" [Twitter]

How Tall is Jack Monroe?

Jack Monroe's Height is 5ft 1.7in (1.57m)

Jack is an English Author and activist.

"Have had quite a shock this morning. Having spent the last ten years or so genuinely believing I'm 5' 3" (5' 4" on a confident day) I measured myself against a pencil mark on the door frame and discovered I'm 5' 1.7". IN SLIPPER SOCKS. I need a cup of tea."

How Tall is Karissa Pukas?

Karissa Pukas' Height is 5ft 6in (1.68m)

Karissa is a Canadian makeup and style Youtube Guru.

"Well, I’m 5’6 and still missing the long torso" [Twitter]

23 Successful Short Actors Under 5 foot 8

Here is a list of successful short actors, who are under 5 feet 8, in a Height Comparison Chart:

How Tall is Marina Preciado?

Marina Preciado's Height is 5ft 6in (1.68m)

Marina is an American Youtuber, influencer and activist known for her Oxminaox channel.

"I’m 5’6, panchos 6’1" [Twitter]

How Tall is Barbara Dunkleman?

Barbara Dunkleman's Height is 5ft 9in (1.75m)

Barbara is Canadian actress and Internet Personality, known for being involved with Rooster Teeth.
"I'm 5'9" and I think Mariel is...5'3"? Maybe?" [Twitter]

How Tall is Darlene Rodriguez?

Darlene Rodriguez's Height is 5ft 2in (1.57m)

Darlene is an American TV Presenter, who is an Anchor on WNBC's Today in New York.

"Then again, I’m 5’2 so there’s that." [Twitter]

Darlene Rodriguez 2014 (cropped)

How Tall is Mimi Mbah?

Mimi Mbah's Height is 5ft 1in (1.57m)
Weight: 135 lbs

Mimi is an Instagram Model.

"People be so shook when I tell them I’m 5’1 and 135 pounds lol" [Twitter]

How tall is Emma Blackery

Emma Blackery's Height is 5ft 2in (1.57metres)

Emma is an English singer and Youtube Vlogger.

"I was told by my vet that my cat is very healthy for her age, but has to be classed as a ‘large cat’ in weight class purely because she is so LONG. She is over half of my height when extended. She takes up half of the sofa. This is, quite frankly, ridiculous..
I’m 5”2 but honestly I’ve held her up and I’m not exaggerating at ALL" [Twitter]

How Tall is Joy Taylor?

Joy Taylor's Height is 5ft 2in (157cm)

Joy is an American radio and TV personality, who has hosted Fox Sport The Herd and also worked on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed.

"I’m 5’2” I hate when people act like my back pain isn’t as important as the 1.5 inches taken by my recline." [Twitter]

How tall is Rachel Sennott?

Rachel Sennott's Height is 5ft 2in (157cm)

Rachel is an American actor known for the indy feature film Shiva Baby.

"don’t get hard but I’m 5’2’" [Twitter]

How Tall is Amy Klobuchar?

Amy Klobuchar's Height is 5ft 4in (162cm)

Amy is an American politician and lawyer, who is a Minnesota Senator.

"Mayor Bloomberg and the president were going at it on Twitter... The president said that the mayor was only 5'4", and the mayor said 'that's not true, I'm 5'8".' I am the only candidate that is 5'4". I want that out there now."

Amy Klobuchar, official portrait, 113th Congress

How Tall is Xia Brookside?

Xia Brookside's Height is 5ft 3in (160cm)

Xia is an English professional wrestler, who is involved in the WWE under the NXT Brand.

"I’m from Liverpool, I’m 5’3’’ and 110lbs"

How Tall is Peter Weller - Robocop?

Peter Weller's Height used to be almost 6 feet tall. In his 70's he has shrunk to about 5 foot 10 or thereabouts.