How Tall was John Glenn?

John Glenn's Height was 5ft 10.75in (1.8m)

John Herschel Glenn Jr. was an American aviator, NASA astronaut, politician and engineer. The third American on the Moon, he was also the first to orbit in Space. was reading Glenn's autobiography and noted how he mentioned his height: "My old friend Tom and I are in dispute over the next part of the story. The height limit for the future space travellers was supposed to be five-eleven, and I made that by a fraction. Tom for years has claimed that I was six feet even and that I spent two hours every night with a stack of encyclopaedias strapped on top of my head to try to get shorter. He has even claimed I slouched to make the height limit. Where he dreamed that up, I’ll never know. If Tom was trying to say I wanted’ it badly enough to do something as ridiculous as that, he wouldn’t be wrong. But I didn’t have to. As far back as my application for Civilian Pilot Training when I was a sophomore at Muskingum College, and all through my Marine years, my height was recorded as seventy-one inches, or five- eleven. Encyclopaedias on the head? I think Tom was just having fun with some reporters".